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April Themes and Holidays

April Themes, April Lesson Plans, April Holidays, April Worksheets, April Printouts

 icon April Student Calendar

 icon National Frog Month

 icon  National Letter Writing Month

 icon  National Garden Month  

 icon  National Kite Month

 icon  National Poetry Month

 icon  April 13th-April 19th--National Library Week

 icon April 13th-April 19th--National Environmental Education Week

 icon April 1st--April Fools Day

 icon April 9th--American Civil War Ends  (1865)

 icon April 14th and 15th--Titanic hits iceberg and sinks

 icon April 15th--National Library Day

 icon April 20th--Easter

 icon April 22nd--Earth Day

 icon April 25th--National Arbor Day  Some States have different dates due to best time to plant trees.  Check your state's date.

Some Suggestions for April

 icon Spring

 icon Children's Songs

 icon On the Farm

 icon Weather

 icon Frogs

 icon Flowers/Plants

 icon Butterflies

 icon Titanic

 icon Poetry

april word list
April Word List
Word list for April writing projects.
april writing journal
April Writing Journal
Writing pages for a April writing journal.
april writing prompts
April Writing Prompts
Writing prompts for a April writing assignment.
april words cards
April Word Cards
April words to print and display.