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Earth Day Lesson Plans

Earth Day Lesson Plans, Earth Day Themes, Earth Day Printouts, Earth Day Crafts, Earth Day Clipart

Earth Day Lesson Plans and Themes

Also see the Environment Page for more lesson plans on recycling, air quality, global warming, and ozone depletion. 

 iconActivities for The Lorax
Several Ideas.

 iconLesson Plans for The Lorax
3 lessons dealing with The Lorax.

Earth Day Lesson Plans\Earth Day Thematic Units\Earth Day Activities

 icon Celebrating Earth Week: It's Elemental
A collection of ideas, activities and resources for exploring and celebrating our connections to the earth during Earth Week.

 icon The Earth Bowl
Scientists know that the earth is made of four layers: the inner core, outer core, mantle, and crust.  The Earth Bowl is a three dimensional, edible representation of the earth in cross section. (If time allows, have children participate in measuring the ingredients and constructing the Bowl.) 

 icon A Watery World
The purpose of this curriculum unit is to introduce the child of kindergarten age to the fascinating world of the water. It is to provide the child with the basic information which will enable and encourage further study of this wonderful world. 

 icon Caring for the Earth
In this learning experience, children will explore their school environment to become acquainted with different kinds of trash found in school and ways people try to reduce their trash. Students will then address trash issues in their own classrooms. They will generate solutions for handling their class trash that demonstrate their awareness of how they can help care for the Earth.

 icon Make Your Own Terrarium

 iconGlobal Environmental Coastal Changes
My curriculum unit is divided into eighteen basic sections. It is targeted at second grade “scientists”, but can be simplified for Kindergarten or extended to sixth grade.

 icon The Greenhouse Effect In A Jar
This simple experiment serves as an introduction to the greenhouse effect. Students can see for themselves the effects of a greenhouse, and relate this understanding to what occurs in our atmosphere.

 icon Environmental Law
At the conclusion of a unit on the environment, students discuss the ramifications of ecological neglect and abuse. Focusing on air and water pollution, endangered species, and littering, they generate the negative impact of these and develop rules (laws) and penalties for polluters. 

 icon Slick Sea Spills
To gain an understanding of what happens in an oil spill and to develop a greater awareness of taking responsibility for the environment.   

 icon Saving Tomorrow's World.

 icon Students' Response to Global Changes

 icon Energy Sources

 iconEnergy Activities

 icon How Much Energy Do You Use?

 icon Wasting Energy at Home?

 iconBe "Sun"-Sible About Heating Water

 icon Earth Day Theme at
Find activities, songs, crafts and more for celebrating Earth Day.

 iconCleaning Up for Earth Day
During the week prior to Earth Day, you can introduce the concept of Earth Day, why and when we celebrate it, and engage the students in a fun, helping the environment activity.

Earth Day Internet \ Smartboard Resources\Activities

 icon PlanetPals
Great site with lessons, puzzles, printouts, and more. A Teacher's Guide Best Bet

 iconEarth Day Network
Includes an Earth Day Organizer's Guide, calendar of events, and resources.

Find out about Earth Day events and activities.

 icon U.S. Department of Energy KidZone
Activities and resources dealing with energy use.

 icon EPA's Environmental Education Center
Find activities, information on workshops and more.

 icon National Wildlife Federation Environmental Education Page
Explore NWF's educational pathways to understanding, appreciating and safeguarding the natural world. 

 iconSave the Trees Game
Goes along with The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.  This online game requires the free download of Shockwave.

 icon Celebrating Earth Day With Students
Offers examples of activities at various levels of involvement.

Free Earth Day Printouts

 icon Earth Day Worksheets from

 icon Earth Day Word Search

 icon Earth Day Word Search 2

 icon Earth Day Coloring Sheet
A picture of the earth in hands to color.

 iconPlanet Pals Puzzles Earth Day
Print out this colorful puzzle, cut and put together.

Coloring Pages from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency:

Page One

Page Two

Page Three

Page Four

Page Five

Page Six

Page Seven

Page Eight

Page Nine

 icon Earth Day Coloring and Activity Book
Print out a 12 page book will coloring pages and activities.

 iconEarth Day Coloring Pages
Ten pictures to print out and color dealing with Earth Day and recycling.

 icon Earth Day Posters
10 posters to print.  Available in color or black&white to use for coloring.  Recycling themes.

 icon Earth Day  Every Day
Reading Comprehension(2-4)

 iconEarth Day Writing Paper

 icon Earth Day Venn Diagram

 Earth Day Clip Art

 icon Earth Day Clip Art from Kids Domain

 icon Earth Day Clip Art at The Teacher's Guide

 Earth Day Crafts

Earth Day Crafts from

 icon Earth Day Wreath

 icon Mother Earth Paper Craft

Look at the Recycling Crafts