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Easter Lesson Plans

Easter Lesson Plans, Easter Themes, Easter Printouts, Easter Crafts, Easter Clipart

 Easter Lesson Plans and Thematic Units

iconEaster at
  Find activities, printouts, crafts, puzzles and more.

iconEaster Ideas from
Easter crafts, songs, math and science ideas.

iconThe Classroom Easter Egg Hunt
Students work together to find paper or cardboard eggs hidden in the classroom.

iconEaster Lesson Plans at
16 Easter lesson plans to choose from.

Easter Internet Resources

iconLearn About Easter
Easter's history and traditions

Easter Printouts

icon  Easter Bookmarks
Print out some Easter bookmarks for your students.

icon Easter Bunny Writing Paper
Writing paper with an Easter theme.  Lined for 2nd-3rd grade.

icon Easter Bunny Writing Paper 2
Writing paper with an Easter theme.  Lined for K-2nd grade.

icon Easter Egg Hunt Bar Graph
Students complete a bar graph with information from an Easter egg hunt.  Questions also included.

icon Easter Egg Hunt Pictograph
Students read a pictograph about Easter and answer questions.

icon Easter Egg Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe board with an Easter theme.

icon Easter Skip Count by 2
Students skip count by 2 to fill in the eggs.

icon Easter Skip Count by 5
Students skip count by 5 to fill in the eggs.

icon Easter Skip Count by 10
Students skip count by 10 to fill in the eggs.

icon Easter Skip Count by 5 Maze
Students skip count by 5 to complete maze and help the bunny find his basket.  Numbers from 5 -100.

icon Easter Skip Count by 5 Maze 2
Students skip count by 5 to complete maze and help the bunny find his basket.  Numbers from 250-400.

icon Easter Three Digit Addition Without Regrouping

icon Easter Three Digit Addition With Regrouping

icon Easter Two Digit Subtraction With Regrouping

icon  Easter Acrostic Poem
Acrostic poem form with an Easter theme.

iconEaster Printouts at

iconEaster Coloring Sheets
Over 25 Easter pictures to print and color

iconEaster Coloring Pages
12 nice pictures to print out and color

iconEaster Coloring Pages 2
10 pictures to print out in both color and black and white.

iconEaster (Bunnies, Chickies, etc) Themed Math Pages

Easter Crafts\Easter Recipes

iconEaster Craft Projects from

Washcloth Bunny

Easter Bonnet Pin

Chick Yarn Bug

Beaded Safety Pin SWAPs

Tissue Box Easter Basket

Ribbon Rose Eggs

Easter Door Hangers

Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

Baby Food Jar Animals

Easter Favor Boxes


Easter Plant Pals

Decorated Easter Basket

Tie Dye Eggs

"He is Risen" Hanger

Dinosaur Egg Hunt

Back Pack Eggs

Chicks in a Nest

Pony Bead Patterns

Bunny Yarn Bug

Bean Bag Chick

iconEaster Paper Craft Projects from

Bunny Pouch

Paper Collage Eggs

Coloring Pages

Easy Easter Basket

Easter Bonnet

Flowered Basket

Easter Friends

Bible Friends

Bunny Basket

Dot Art

iconEaster Crafts at

Winnie the Pooh Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Paper Bag Puppet

Easter Bunny Paper Craft 1

Easter Bunny Paper Craft 2

Easter Chick Handprint Craft

Easter Chickie Paper Craft

Easter Bunny TP Roll Craft

Easter Bunny Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Easter Chickie Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Easter Egg Holders - Winnie the Pooh

Easter Egg Holders - Scooby Doo

Easter Egg Holders - Blue's Clues

3D Hanging Easter Egg Paper Craft

Easter Candle Craft

Easter Egg Paper Mache Project

Easter Egg Tree Paper Craft

Easter Napkin Ring Craft

iconEaster Crafts

Easter Crafts from

Print these BUNNY BINGO cards off for your next party!

Bunny Ears for Bean Bag Animals
Another quick and easy project for your bean bag animal.

Bunny Ears for Kids
A quick way to grow some ears!

Bunny Envelope
An easy and fun craft made from an envelope!

Bunny Pin
An easy pin made from Woodsies, paint, and wiggle eyes.

Chocolatescape on a Stick
A fun and edible egg-shaped Chocolatescape on a stick!

Cone Cup Bunny
Delightful, original, and fun to make!

Confetti Filled Eggs
A different kind of Easter egg!

Cotton Ball Chick
This is so cute. Peep! Peep!

Cross Necklace
A good project for Sunday School or as an Easter craft.

Doily Bowls
A decorative touch for your table and they make nice gifts.

Easter Basket
An easy Easter Basket for you to make.

Easter Bunny
A cute little bunny to make and display.

Easter Bunny Basket
Make as a table decoration or to give treats in to a friend or teacher.

Easter Chick Basket
This makes up cute to give little Easter treats in.

Easter Chick Card
Cheep, cheep, cheep!

Easter Chick in Egg Decoration
Watch it hatch!

Easter Egg Mosaic Card
Make some dyed eggs before Easter to make this card.

Easter Egg Mosaic Pin
A fun wearable pin to make out of broken Easter egg shells.

Easter Egg Mosaics
A great way to use up those broken Easter egg shells!

Easter Egg Vine
An easy decoration and fast to make.

Easter Egg Wreath
A fun to make and display wreath for Easter.

Easter Grass
Grow some real grass for your Easter Basket!

Easter Pot Bunny
A quick and easy bunny decoration to make.

Easter Tree
Decorated trees aren't just for Easter!

Easy Easter Tree
Turn a fallen branch into an Easter Tree.

Grass makes this egg into an Egghead!

Hair Fun with Barrettes
Dress up barrettes for the holidays!

Hair Fun with Scrunchies
Dress up scrunchies for the holidays!

Hard Candy Wreath
Make one for yourself and one for a gift!

Holiday Pillowcases
Better make plenty! These make great gifts!!

Holiday Shower Curtain
A fun way to decorate your bathroom for the holidays!

Jelly Bean Carrots
A neat party favor or package decoration!

Marshmallow Rabbit
A craft for preschoolers to make.

Peek-a-boo Easter Eggs
Wait until you see what's inside!

Peter Cottontail Game
A fun game to print and play for Easter.

Plastic Bottle Basket
A fast and easy basket to make.

Quilted Easter Egg
An easy way to decorate a styrofoam egg.

Seasons Greetings Blocks
Rotating blocks display holiday greetings.

Setting Hen
From preschoolers to grandparents with love.

Simple Holiday Pins
These can be adapted to any holiday.

String Eggs
A messy but really cute project!

Vinyl Placemat
So easy you may want to make one for every holiday.

Washcloth Bunnies
A very simple way to display Easter eggs

Woven Easter Box
Weave a shoebox? It's fun! Use it as a decorative gift box too!

Easter Clip Art

iconKid's Domain Easter Cliparts