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Women's History Month

Women's History Month Lesson Plans, Women's History Month Themes

Women's History Month Lesson Plans and Thematic Units

icon March Into Women's History Month!
Curriculum article with great ideas and resources.

icon Slave Women of African Decent
By including the subject of women in the study of history and culture, students will be forced to use non-traditional sources for research.

icon Mini-unit on Women's History (4th Grade)

icon Assessing Women's Past Through Art
An Interpretation Activity

icon Women's Suffrage

icon Suffrage - When, Where, and Obstacles to Overcome

icon Using Women's Words

icon Women's Rights - Ancient Egypt and the United States

icon Roles of Women
An examination of how the roles of women change with the culture.

icon Women: Stride to Freedom
A high-quality lesson plan geared towards seventh and eighth graders, but may be adaptable for younger grades.

icon Women and the Vote
A lesson plan from the Encarta database that incorporates a variety of subject matters.

icon Women in Alaska's History
A webquest with crafts, activities, and a lot of useful information. Developed especially for students.

icon Women in Science
An integrated science and history lesson that focuses on the careers of important women in science.

icon A Mini Unit on Rosa Parks

icon A Mini Unit on Sojourner Truth

icon A Mini Unit on Harriet Tubman

icon Women's History Lessons from Scholastic
Women's History Activities (Grades K–6)
Women's History Activities (Grades 7–12)
Moment in History: A Writing Project (Grades 3–8)
Women During World War II (Grades 5–12)
Women in Television (Grades 5–12)
Women in the News (Grades 5–12)
Uncommon Soldiers: Women During the Civil War (Grades 5–12)
Women's History Month Cyberhunt (Grades 3–8)

icon Classroom Plays
All-American Girls: A Play About Baseball
Alice Paul: We Want to Vote
Lucy Stone: Crusader for Freedom
The Waistmakers' Revolt
Dr. Mary Walker's War: An American History Play

Women's History Month Internet Resources

icon 1917 - Votes For Women - Suffrage

icon Distinguished Women of Past and Present
This site has biographies of women who contributed to our culture in many different ways. There are writers, educators, scientists, heads of state, politicians, civil rights crusaders, artists, entertainers, and others.

icon Women's History Web Links by Time Period

Women's History Month Interactive Whiteboard Resources

icon Women's Suffrage

icon National Women's History Month Powerpoints
Several powerpoint format resources from

Women's History Month Printouts

icon Women's History Month at abcteach
This is a site that charges a membership fee, but does have a few resources for free.

icon Women in History