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Spiders Lesson Plans

Spiders Lesson Plans, Spiders Themes, Spiders Printouts, Spiders Crafts, Spiders Clipart

 Spiders Lesson Plans and Thematic Units

Spiders From SEDL
Seven lesson plans about spiders along with teacher background information and spanish language translations.

Spooky Spiders and Wacky Webs
Teaches life cylcle of spiders in contrast to insects.

Spooky Spiders
Students learn characteristics of spiders.

Spiders Spin a Web
Students learn how spiders spin webs.

Parts of a Spider
Students learn how to classify.

Explores why spiders do not stick to their own webs.

The Very Busy Spider Literature Unit
Activities and worksheets pertaining to the story.

Spiders Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Spiders Powerpoints
Presentations about spiders.

Untangling the Web of Spiders
Webquest about spiders.

Spiders Printouts

Spider Life Cycle
Printout of illustrated life cycle of a spider.  Site also has printout of life cyle without words.

Diagram of a Spider
Students label diagram from word list.

Spider Coloring Pages
14 pages to print and color.

Spider Coloring Pages
5 pages to print and color.

Spider Coloring Pages
16 pages to print and color.

Spider Coloring Pages
Lots of pictures to color of spiders and other arachnids.

Spiders Crafts

Spider Glider
Students make a spider glider with simple materials.

Spider Crafts
Spider climbing waterspout, egg carton spider craft, spider handprint, spider web craft, spider wreath.

Free Spiders Clip Art

Spider Clip Art