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Science Printouts

Science Worksheets, Science Printouts

Seasons-Spring Worksheets

Spring related worksheets.  Signs of spring observation paper, spring acrostic poem form.

Seasons-Autumn Worksheets

Fall related worksheets.  Signs of fall worksheets, fall wordsearch, fall poems, and fall comprehension story.

Backyard Field Guide

Students find organisms in their yard or outdoor classroom, conduct research, and complete a field guide.

Living, Non-Living Sort

Students sort pictures into living or non living.

My Weather Forecast

Students forecast the weather for the week ahead and compare their forecast to actual weather conditions.

Water Cycle Passage

Passage about the water cycle with questions.

Daily Temperature Graph

Plot daily temperatures on the graph.  Compare the temperature patterns of three consecutive months.

Planet Report Form

Students complete a report on a particular planet.

Planet Report Forms for Each Planet

Students complete a report on a particular planet.  Specific papers for each planet.

Mercury     Venus     Mars     Jupiter     Saturn     Uranus     Neptune   

Acrostic Poems for Planets

Students write acrostic poems for the planets..

Float or Sink Observation Chart

Students test if different objects will float or sink.

Coin Science

Students experiment with drops of water on coins to explore surface tension.


Students make Oobleck to explore states of matter.

Solid Sort

Students sort solids by different attributes.

Changes to Matter

Students explore what happens to matter when heat is added or removed.