f65 Place Value for Whole Numbers - An AskERIC Lesson Plan
AskERIC Lesson Plans
Lesson Plan #: AELP-ATH0018

Place Value for Whole Numbers

An AskERIC Lesson Plan

Submitted by: Scott D. Chilton

Endorsed by: Don E. Decey, Mankato State University

DATE: October 30, 1996



The students will explore the world of mathematics by demonstrating visually what place value of whole numbers represents. Base-ten materials will be used to demonstrate this visualization. The class will be divided into cooperative groups, no more than two students in a group. Each group will receive base-ten models to experiment with place value. The groups will also learn how to make sets of t 699 ens with them.

General Goal:

The student will gain a basic understanding of place value for whole numbers.



Paper & Pencil, Overhead, Base-ten Materials, Chalkboard, Transparencies.


  1. Each group will receive base-ten materials to experiment with.

  2. Create a place value chart on the chalkboard and give examples related to whole numbers.

  3. Give examples on the overhead of how to trade units using base-ten place values.

  4. Ask questions to get feedback from the students. Walk around to each cooperative group and give individual help.

  5. Hand out the worksheets to each group, this will give the teacher a chance for guided practice by constant explanation to group responses and involvement.

  6. The students will work on their worksheets for independent practice time.

  7. Assign homework worksheet due for the next class period.


  1. Ask students questions about place value units.
    1. Have students individually come up to the chalkboard and use base-ten materials to answer questions.

    2. Homework will be corrected for a grade.