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There Was a Bee

There Was a Bee Lyrics, There Was a Bee Printout


There was a bee-eye-ee-eye-ee
Sat on a wall-eye-all-eye-all
And there it sat-eye-at-eye-at
And that was all-eye-all-eye-all

Then came a boy-eye-oy-eye-oy
Who had a stick-eye-ick-eye-ick
And gave that bee-eye-ee-eye-ee
An awful luck-eye-ick-eye-ick

And so that bee-eye-ee-eye-ee
Began to sting-eye-ing-eye-ing
And hurt that boy-eye-oy-eye-oy
Like anything-eye-ing-eye-ing!

And then that boy-eye-oy-eye-oy
Let out a yell-eye-ell-eye-ell
And told that bee-eye-ee-eye-ee
To go someplace I will not tell

And then that bee-eye-ee-eye-ee
Gave one big cough-eye-off-eye-off
And one last smile-eye-ile-eye-ile
And he buzzed off-eye-off-eye-off