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Hibernation Lesson Plans

Hibernation Lesson Plans, Hibernation Themes, Hibernation SMARTBoard Templates

Hibernation Lesson Plans and Thematic Units

 icon Shhh! Bear's Sleeping
Focuses on distinction between fiction and nonfiction. This lesson uses read-alouds of Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson, Every Autumn Comes the Bear by Jim Arnosky, poems, and songs.

 icon Find the Hidden Hibernators Grades 1-4
Students look for animals in a word search.

 icon Hibernation Grades Grades k-1
What animals hibernate and why; what the environment looks like for animals to know its time

 icon Animals: Hibernation, Estivation, and Migration Grades 2-3
The students will be able to identify animals that hibernate and migrate.

 icon Get Ready to Hibernate or Migrate Grades k-2
Through several activities, students will understand the concepts of hibernation and migration.

Hibernation Smartboard Resources

 icon How Do Animals Survive Winter? Powerpoint

 icon Hibernation Powerpoint

 icon Hibernation Powerpoint

 icon Hibernation and Migration Powerpoint

Hibernation Resources