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Frogs Lesson Plans

Frogs Lesson Plans, Frogs Themes, Frogs Printouts, Frogs Crafts, Frogs Clipart

Frogs Lesson Plans and Thematic Units

iconFrog Metamorphosis
Track the process in a lesson...comes with pictures to color of the process

iconLearning Activities
Small activities about frogs

iconFrogs Science WebQuest
This lesson was developed for fifth and sixth graders to work on independently.   For a variety of reasons, a handful of students in my class do not choose to dissect frogs with the class during the regular class session.  This lesson was developed for those students.

icon Reptiles and Amphibians   

Frogs Internet Resources 

icon Frog Computer Toys
Cursors, icons, screensavers about frogs

icon Housing Your Frog
The best way for you to house your frog

icon Michele's frog page

icon Dorota's Frogland

icon The Lily Pad

icon A Thousand Friends of Frogs

icon Species Care Sheet
How to care for your species of frog.

Frogs Interactive Whiteboard Resources

icon Frog and Toad Together powerpoint

icon Interactive Frog Dissection

icon  An Army of Frogs, A Knot of Toads  powerpoint

icon Frog Fun powerpoint

icon Frogs & Toads are Amphibians  powerpoint

Frogs Printouts

icon Frog or Toad Comprehension Page

iconFrog Bookmarks from
4 bookmarks to printout

icon Frog Counters for Math from
Print out, laminate, and use for math counters.

icon Frogs Writing Paper from

icon Frogs Center Sign from

iconFroggy Coloring Pages
Pages to print out and color.

iconFrog Coloring Pages
25 pictures to print out and color from

Frogs Crafts and Recipes

icon Frog Picture Gallery
Frog Tattoos, stamps, animated clip art, and more.

iconFrog Graphics Set by Lisa
Frogs and lily pads.

iconFroggy Page
Frog pictures, backgrounds, lines.

Frogs Clip Art