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Fire Safety

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Fire Safety Lesson Plans and Thematic Units

 icon Fire Service Campaign
Everything you need this FPW is right here!

 icon Science Process Skills-What Does Fire Need?
By watching fire experiments, the children's curiosity and observation skills are challenged.

 icon Fire Prevention Week Lesson Plans for Teachers
The National Fire Protection Association's public education division has developed the following lesson plan on cooking, heating, and electrical fire safety, which is designed for children in kindergarten through grade eight. Lesson "extensions" for specific grades are included at the end of the lesson plan.

 icon Fire Safety: Activities to Spark Learning!
Resources to create lesson plans on fire safety.

 icon Home Fire Safety Checklist
The home fire safety checklist plays the lead role in FPW 2002, motivating everyone to step up to the plate, and to proactively seek out and eliminate potential cooking, heating, and electrical hazards from their homes.

 icon Stop, Drop, and Roll
This lesson teaches children to understand the objects and heat sources that can set their clothes on fire. Children learn the best defense to extinguish clothing fires and the correct way by using the STOP, DROP AND ROLL method.

 icon Exit Drill In The Home
This lesson teaches children to identify escape routes in a home.

Free Fire Safety Printouts

 icon Fire Safety Coloring Book
26 pages including firefighters and equipment.