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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Lesson Plans,  Chinese New Year Printouts, Chinese New Year Crafts

Chinese New Year Printouts

Chinese New Year

Short passage with questions.
Chinese New Year Celebrations

Short passage with questions.
Chinese New Year Zodiac Animals

Information about the Zodiac animals with an acitivty.

Chinese New Year Lesson Plans

 icon Chinese New Year Background and Lesson Plan 
Learn the background of the Chinese New Year.  Students will also learn how different groups celebrate unique holidays, tradition, learn 3 activities tradional to this holiday and identify the year from the Chinese zodiac in which they were born.

icon Celebrate Chinese New Year 
Children will celebrate the Chinese New Year with props and reading materials that teach about the holiday.  Contains directions for crafts and a Readers Theatre type story.

icon Resources for a Unit Study on China 

Here you can find some resources to introduce your students to China.  These resources are from  Although they do require you to pay a membership fee to access most of their resources, they do have some free ones.

icon The Chinese New Year Starts Toda
Introduce students to the Chinese New Year by having them explore the Chinese zodiac.
Students find their birth year animal and explain how the animal does or does not represent them.  Activities can be adapted for all grade levels.

icon Chinese Proverbs 
Learn about Chinese Proverbs and others in your study of China or Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Interactive Whiteboard Resources

icon Which Animal Are You 
From National Geographic, students can explore all of the animals of the Chinese zodiac in a study of Chinese New Year.

icon Chinese Zodiac Concentration
Memory game with animals from the Chinese zodiac.  A surprise is revealed with each correct match.

icon Ancient China Powerpoint Presentations
Several powerpoint presentations about China and its history.
Chinese New Year Internet Resources

icon Chinese New Year Resources from ActivityVillage
This site has everything you need for a Chinese New Year celebration with your students. 

Chinese New Year Printouts

icon Chinese New Year Coloring Pages
Find coloring pages for all of the animals of the Chinese zodiac.  Also has a map and flag of China to color. 

icon Chinese New Year Coloring Pages from ActivityVillage
Great resource for Chinese New Year coloring pages.

icon Chinese Zodiac Bookmarks
Bookmarks you can print that show the zodiac animals and their characteristics.

icon Chinese New Year Puzzles
Find word searches, crossword puzzles, and mazes.

Chinese New Year Crafts and Recipes

icon How to Make A Chinese New Year Lantern
Step by step instructions and illustrations for making a lantern to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

icon Year of the Tiger Mobile
Print out a Year of the Tiger mobile to make with your students.

icon Fortune Cookie Craft
Make a Chinese fortune cookie with paper, felt, and glue.

icon Chinese Fan Craft
Three different Chinese fan templates to make with your students.

Chinese New Year Clip Art

icon Chinese New Year Clip Art from Phillip Martin