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Trees/Arbor Day

Arbor Day Lesson Plans, Arbor Day Printouts, Arbor Day Whiteboard Resources, Arbor Day Crafts

Trees/Arbor Day Lesson Plans

 icon Talk About Trees
Great resources with lesson plans and free printouts to go with each lessons.   Covers many topics related to trees. 

  icon Trees and Their Uses
The students will identify 3-4 ways how trees are used. The students will produce 3 leaf rubbings using one color for each leaf. 

 icon How are Leaves Alike and Different
TLW collect and compare different types of leaves.
TLW discuss how leaves how leaves are alike and different.

  icon Arbor Day Lesson Plans from the
Eight lesson plans to choose from.

 icon Lesson Plans for the Forest-Minded Teachers
Learning from the Forest. Lessons by Teachers is a collection of teaching activities and lesson plans developed by school teachers who attended a Wood -- A Remarkable Fiber workshop or the Ecology, Economics and the Environment Forest Tour.

 icon My Tree Book
Students will "adopt" a tree and throughout the year will record and examine its characteristics and the changes that it goes through.

 icon Getting to Know Trees
A beginners level science lesson on getting to know the trees. Students will learn simple facts about trees. Includes printable teaching reading comprehension lesson worksheets.

 icon Arbor Day Theme
Book lists, songs and poems, crafts and other theme ideas for Arbor Day.

Trees/Arbor Day Internet Resources 

 icon Arbor Day
We are a non-profit organization poised to distribute millions of trees nationally. Check us out!

 icon National Arbor Day Foundation
Tree planting and environmental stewardship non-profit membership organization, programs include Tree City USA, Conservation Trees, conferences, youth education, and Arbor Day Farm.

 icon Arbor Day Poster Contest
Kids enter a contest to design a poster for Arbor Day.

 icon Tree Cookies
Explains how to read a treee cookie.

Trees/Arbor Day Interactive Whiteboard Resources

 icon Dr. Arbor Talks Trees
Interactive guide to the diiferent parts of trees.

 icon A Walk in the Woods
Take a virtual walk through the woods.

 icon What Tree is That?
Interactive guide to teach you how to identify types of trees.

Trees/Arbor Day Printouts

 icon Tree Tongue Twisters
Tree image with lines to write tongue twisters.

 icon Arbor Day Coloring Pages from

 icon Arbor Day Coloring Pages

 icon Arbor Day Printables from
A few FREE printouts from a subscription-based site.  Contains bookmarkds, a coloring page, shapebook and organizer.

 icon Arbor Day Worksheets
Creative writing sheet, wordsearch, crossword, and bingo cards.

 icon Arbor Day Printable Puzzles
Wordsearches, mazes, and crossword puzzles with an Arbor Day theme.

Trees/Arbor Day Crafts and Recipes

Make a string of leaves to decorate a room.

Make a simple 3-dimensional evergreen tree from construction paper. You can make your own forest of these fantastic trees.

This is an easy way to make an image of a leaf, using a real leaf, a piece of paper and a crayon (or crayons).

A easy-to-make Pine Cone Bird Feeder. This is a simple project that even young children can help make.

A simple-to-make rustic picture frame made from twigs.

 icon Arbor Day Crafts from Kaboose
Crafts including t-shirts, watering cans, cotton ball tree, bird feeder, bark canoe, leaf prints and more.