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Pumpkins Lesson Plans

Pumkins Lesson Plans, Pumkins Themes, Pumkins Printouts, Pumkins Crafts, Pumkins Clipart

Pumpkin Lesson Plans and Thematic Units

icon Pumpkin Carving Collaboration Class Book
In this classroom project, students and the teacher produce a class book through a group-writing activity, focusing on a basic before-during-after sequence of events.

icon Pump Up the Curriculum with Pumpkins
Ideas for every subject.

icon Pumpkin Seed Estimation
Students estimate how many seeds are in a pumpkin and then check their guesses.

icon Pumpkin Exploration
Students write down observations of a pumpkin and predict, estimate, and confirm number of seeds.

icon Pumpkin Investigations
Questions to lead an investigation of a pumpkin.

icon PUMPKIN Making Words
Making words lesson with the word pumpkin.

icon Landon's Pumpkins
Lesson ideas for use with the story "Landon's Pumpkins."

icon Pumpkin Patch
Art, writing, and computer activities with pumpkins.

icon Pumpkin Science
This "Pumpkin Science" lesson gives English language learners a background in how plants grow. It also provides them with practice in estimating and in predicting outcomes.

icon Pumpkins-Life Cycle of a Plant
By the end of this unit, students should be able to explain the life cycle of a pumpkin, identify the stages of a pumpkin’s life cycle, and recognize a pattern in nature.

icon Pumpkins Lesson Plans
Ideas to incorporate pumpkins into math, science and P.E.

Pumpkins Interactive Whiteboard Resources

icon Virtual Pumpkin
Carve a virtual pumpkin.

icon Pumpkin Powepoint Presentations
Several presentations about pumpkins.

Pumpkins Printouts
pumpkin patch poem
Pumpkin Patch Poem
A poem about a pumpkin patch with questions.
pumpkin patch story
Sally's Problem
Sally can't find the perfect pumpkin at the patch.
how to carve a pumpkin worksheet
How to Carve a Pumpkin
Students read about the steps to carve a pumpkin and then put the steps in the correct order.

pumpkin sticker chartPumpkin Sticker Chart

Reward chart.

pumpkin sticker chartPumpkin Sticker Chart Black and White

Students can color their own chart.

halloween wordsearchPumpkin Halloween Wordsearch

Students find hidden Halloween words.

pumpkin addition no regroupingTwo Digit Addition With No Regrouping

Students solve addition problems.

pumpkin addition with regroupingTwo Digit Addition With Regrouping

Students solve addition problems.

pumpkin count by 5 to 1000 worksheetSkip Count by 5 to 1000.

Students skip count by 5 to 1000.

pumpkin expanded form worksheetNumbers in Expanded Notation

Students write numbers in expanded form.

pumpkins comparing numbers worksheetComparing 3-Digit Numbers

Students compare numbers using <, >, and =.

pumpkins repeated addition worksheetRepeated Addition

Students use repeated addition to solve arrays.

pumpkins standard form worksheetWrite Numbers in Standard Notation

Students write numbers in standard form.

pumpkins write vaue worksheetWrite the Value of the Underlined Digit

Students write the value of the underlined digit.

icon NickJR Pumpkin Stencils
Find Pumkin stencils for Nick Jr. characters.

icon Pumpkin Coloring Pages

icon Pumpkin Coloring Pages

icon Pumpkin Coloring Pages

icon Pumpkin Coloring Pages

Pumpkins Crafts and Recipes

icon 100 Things to Do With a Pumpkin
Kinderart gives you many ideas for ways to use pumpkins.

icon Pumpkin Crafts
Pumpkin wreaths, pumpkin books, pumpkin carving patterns, pumpkin paper crafts, you get the idea.

icon Pumpkin Crafts from Kaboose
Lots of crafts for pumpkins.

Pumpkins Clip Art

icon Pumpkin Clipart from Backyardgardener