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Reading Websites

Interactive Reading Websites, Reading Websites for Interactive Whiteboards

 Interactive Reading Websites for Interactive Whiteboards

icon Ictgames Literacy Games  Grades K-2   Free
Entertaining literacy games focusing on letters and sounds, vowel sounds, consonant sounds, high frequency words, and more. 

icon StoryLine Online  Grades K-6  Free
Some favorite children's books read by famous actors.

icon Book Adventure  Grades K-12   Free
Students can register to take online quizzes on books they read.  Provides score reports to the teacher.  Students can also earn prizes.

icon Roy the Zebra  Grades 1-4  Free
Online guided reading stories with worksheets and discussion sheets.  This site also has interactive games to work on ABC order, plural nouns, phonemes, ryhming words, and more.

icon Starfall  Grades K-3  Free

icon Reader's Theatre Editions  Grades 1-8  Free
Free scripts for reader's theater from stories written by Aaron Shepard.  A full range of reading levels.

icon Make A Word  Free
See how many words you can make from the letters of a given word.

icon Zoom Play House   Free
Plays you can print out for your kids to perform.  Also comes with costume and decoration ideas.

icon Read Between the Lions Stories and Games   Free
Read stories that appeared on the PBS show and play games based on them.

icon BBC Schools   Free
This site features many online activities to reinforce basic literacy skills.  It is arranged by age-level.

icon Crickweb Interactive Literacy Resources   Free
Activities to practice reading, writing, and spelling skills.