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Air Quality Lessons

  icon Acid Rain Lesson (5th grade)

 icon Acid Rain Information, Activities and Data

 icon Acid Rain: The Disappearing Statue (2nd grade)

 icon Harmful Effects of Acid Rain (7th grade)

 icon Air Pressure Lesson (6th grade)

 icon Air Pollution Control Lesson (6th through 8th grades)

 icon Air Pollution Emissions Information, Activities and Data

 icon Air Pollution Gremlins Math Lesson (1st grade)

 icon Air Pollution: Visible and Invisible Lesson (4th grade)

 icon Air: You Can't See It, But It's There Lesson (1st grade)

 icon Air Quality and Transportation Lesson (2nd grade)

 icon Air Terms Lesson (5th grade)

 icon Carbon Dioxide and Air Pollution Lesson (4th and 5th grades)

 icon Carbon Monoxide Information, Activities and Data

 icon Conserving Electricity Lesson (2nd grade)

 iconEffects of Ozone in the Air Lesson (5th grade)

 icon Ground-level Ozone Information and Data

 iconInversion Lesson (6th grade)

 icon Lead Information, Activities and Data

 icon Let's Catch Some Dirt from the Air Lesson (PK and K)

 iconMeteorology Data and Activity (4th & 5th grades)

 icon Ozone Lesson (4th & 5th grades)

 icon Particulate Matter Lesson (Kindergarten)

 icon Particulate Matter Lesson (4th grade)

 iconParticulate Information, Activities and Data

 icon Plants & Oxygen Lesson (2nd grade)

 icon Temperature Inversion Lesson (8th grade)

 icon The Awful 8 Lesson (A play for 6th to 8th grades)

 icon The Day The Air Pollution Gremlins Came To Town Lesson (3rd grade)

 iconThe Path of Pollution Lesson (7th and 8th grades)

 icon Rain Forest Deforestation (6th grade)

 icon Ridesharing Lesson (2nd through 8th grades)

 icon The Rubber Band Air Test Lesson (2nd through 4th grades)

 icon Wump World Activities (2nd grade)

 Air Quality Internet Resources

 icon Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Quality Glossary

 icon Bay Area Spare the Air
Smog reduction and daily air quality forecasting.

 icon Breath-Taking
Summary and data from a May 1996 NRDC report about premature mortality due to particulate air pollution in 239 American cities.

 icon Carbon Monoxide Headquarters
Information on carbon monoxide and other poisonous gases.

 icon Clean Air Skeptic's Page
Essays and links to information skeptical of claims made about the health risks of fine-particle air pollution.

 icon Indoor Air Quality
Provides information and access to publications concerning indoor air quality issues, including radon, secondhand smoke, and carbon monoxide. From the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

 Air Quality Printouts

 icon Air Pollution Word Search Activity (Grades 2nd through 6th)

 icon Air Pollution Word Search Activity (Grades 7th through 12th)

Global Warming

 icon Global Warming Unit
This unit includes classroom activities to help students understand global warming and its possible effects on human beings.

 icon Global Warming
This lesson plan covers the major greenhouse gases, human activities that contribute to the change of the Earth's atmosphere, and why there is a concern about climate changes. Also addressed are strategies for dealing with potential global warming and the major contributors to global warming.

 icon Living in the Greenhouse
Tell why the earth is like a greenhouse.

 icon Interdisciplinary Unit on Global Warming
This is an interdisclinary unit developed to increase the awareness of the effects of global warming.

 icon Global Warming: Could You be the Next Noah? Greenhouse Effect and the Validity of Global Warming
Students will study the nature of Global Warming in relationship to the Greenhouse Effect and explore the factors that are said to affect it.

 icon Global Warming: Does it Exist?
Students do an internet research project on global warming and determine if they think it exists and what can be done about it.

 icon Global Change
Activities are presented to assist in teaching the concepts of Global Change.

 icon Global Warming
Global Warming is an interactive online lesson that will educate students about this highly debated environmental issue.

 icon The Greenhouse Effect in a Jar
This simple experiment serves as an introduction to the greenhouse effect. Students can see for themselves the effects of a greenhouse, and relate this understanding to what occurs in our atmosphere.

 icon Climate Change - Natural Resources Canada
Provides a gateway to all climate change-related information in the department, including energy efficiency, earth sciences, satellite observations, and forestry.

 icon Global Warming International Center
Disseminates information on global warming science and policy, serving governmental and non-governmental organizations, and industries in more than 120 countries.

 icon Global Warming Skeptic's Page
Essays and links to information critical of global warming claims.

 icon Global Warming: Focus on the Future
Interactive explanations of the phenomenon, with pictures.

 icon Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast - award-winning exhibition on the greenhouse effect developed by EDF and the American Museum of Natural History.

 icon global
Source for info on global climate change.

 icon The Greenhouse Effect
An overview of the greenhouse effect and global warming.

 icon NASA Climate News
The latest research on global warming, urban heat islands, lightning, and more.

 icon Public Perceptions of Global Warming

 icon Sierra Club Global Warming and Energy Campaign

 icon Spotlight on: Climate Change
Provides information on climate change and policy. From the U.S. Department of State.

 icon U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Global Warming
Impacts and policies of global warming, and how individuals and corporations can help address these issues

 icon U.S. Global Change Research Information Office

Ozone Depletion

 icon Effects of Ozone in the Air
Students will learn how ground-level ozone is an air pollution problem.

 icon What's Happening to the Ozone
Students identify the cause of ozone depletion and the effects it has.

 icon Alternative Fluorocarbon Environmental Acceptability Studies (AFEAS)

 icon Cosmic Ray Detection Society of North America
Hard science with a twist of humor

 iconEPA & Ozone Depletion

 icon Facts on Ozone Depletion
Includes graphs, pictures, facts on depletion in Antarctica, North America. Effects of CFCs on the environment.

 icon International Ozone Association
Dedicated to dissemination of information on ozone, use of ozone for water, wastewater, and air treatment, chemical and industrial process, and publishes books and journals.

 icon Ozone Secretariat
Reports, publications and press releases of the Secretariat for the Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol, as well as a wealth of other ozone related material.

 icon Skies Above Foundation
Focuses on environmental issues and environmental education related to the atmosphere, especially climate change and ozone depletion.