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Aviation Lesson Plans

Aviation Lesson Plans, Aviation Themes, Aviation Printouts, Aviation Crafts, Aviation Clipart

Aviation Lesson Plans and Ideas

 icon The K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook
Lesson plans, activities, and leveled reading selections about aviation.

 icon Wind, Water and Wings
Activity book with experiments related to aviation.

 icon The Wright Brothers
Activity book focusing on the Wright Brothers.

 icon How We Made First Flight
Activity book celebrating 100 years of powered flight.

 icon Early Days of Flight
Stories and activities about aviation pioneers.

 icon Pilots Help Our Nation
Stories and activities about militay aviation.

 icon A Place in the Sky
Stories and activities about arts and aviation.

 icon Beyond the Earth
Stories and activities about space.

 icon Up, Up and Away
Aviation activities from educationworld.

 icon Build a Bubble-Powered Rocket
Build your own rocket using paper and fizzing tablets.

 icon Flight
Although not a lesson plan, this site has lots of resource links to explore. Scroll down to find the thingquest activities.

Aviation Interactive Whiteboard Resources

 icon Flight Powerpoint Presentations
Presentations about Amelia Earhart, the Wright brothers, flight, kites, and more.

 icon Flight from ThinkQuest
Go to this website and search for flight activities.

 icon Flight Field Trip

Free Aviation Printouts

 icon Historical Aircraft Dot to Dot
Dot to Dot pages of well-known aircraft.

 icon Paper Airplane Designs
Designs for paper airplanes to print and assemble.

 icon Aircraft Coloring Pages

Free Aviation Crafts

 icon Paper Airplane Designs
Designs for paper airplanes to print and assemble.

 icon Air Transportation Crafts
Crafts for airplanes, balloons, and more.

Free Aviation Clip Art 

 icon Free Airplane Clipart

 icon Aircraft Clipart and Images

Aviation Books