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Lesson Plan #: AELP-MEA0017

Measurement of Objects

An AskERIC Lesson Plan

Submitted by: John Patrick Milon
Email: cmilon@aol.com

Date: December 2, 1998

Grade Level: 2-4


Duration: one 45-minute session.

Description: Students will learn to measure objects with and without a ruler.

Goals: Students will learn how to measure objects and will become comfortable with using a ruler.

Objectives: Students will be able to:

  1. Recognize the need for knowing how big or long something is.
  2. Identify the uses of measurement in mathematics.
  3. Identify what a ruler is and how to use it.

Materials: Rulers, students desks, small objects.


  1. Students will be asked to first measure the top of their desks without a ruler.
  2. Students will be encouraged to use other "instruments" to do their measurements.
  3. Students will then raise their hands and tell the teacher their answers.
  4. The teacher will then write the students' answers on the board.
  5. The teacher will then conduct a discussion about the need for measurement and will have the students get involved.

Students will then be broken into small groups consisting of two people per group. The groups will then be given a ruler and small objects to measure. As for homework, students will be given a worksheet on how to measure things af .

Assessment: Students will be given a quiz followed by a discussion on the material covered.

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