f65 Cool to Rule: A Game of Prediction and Measurement - An AskERIC Lesson Plan
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Lesson Plan #: AELP-MEA0015

Cool to Rule: A Game of Prediction and Measurement

An AskERIC Lesson Plan

Submitted by: Sherryl Rotert ffb
Endorsed by: Dr. Don Descy
Mankato State University

May 14, 1998


This activity provides an excellent opportunity for students to review measurement and estimation skills while having fun at the same time.  In small groups, students are given a measurement and asked to predict what object in the classroom is equal to that specific measurement.  The teacher asks, What in this room is 27 inches long?  In cooperative groups students need to agree on the object they feel is 27 inches long.  After several examples, students can take turns measuring the actual objects.  They need to arrange their data in a table which includes the prediction-object, measurement, and what is the difference of the actual measurement compared to their prediction.

Grade Level: Grades 5-6

Goal: To review measurement, estimation, and data collection.

Background Information:

This activity is beneficial as an end of the unit closure activity, or review before a test.  It is important to remember all the components included in this activity:  Measurement, prediction, subtraction, addition, data collection, and cooperative learning.  Students who are prepared for this activity will benefit the most from it.


Students will be able to:

1.  Follow directions and work cooperatively with their groups.
2.  Share ideas and predictions with their groups, and the class as a whole.
3.  Review components of measurement.


Measuring devices-rulers, yardsticks, tape measures etc.

Chalkboard (Show example of data chart)

Handout, optional  (Chart for data-students complete)

Incentive, optional  (Groups who have closest predictions get 5-min. extra of recess)


*  The following activity must be modeled before the actual game begins.

1.  Teacher groups students- 4 in a group.

2.  Teacher explains to students how the game, How Cool To Rule is played:

A.  Students are given four measurements to predict.  For example, Can you find me something in this room that is 2-yards, 27-inches, 2-feet, or 13-centimeters long?
Use the unit of measurement that the students have currently learned.

B.  The teacher will walk the students through several examples.

C.  Groups must agree on the object chosen. Once the predictions are in, the teacher will add the data to the chart on the chalkboard.

D.  Each student in a group is responsible for measuring one object they predicted. Remind students that the objects must be within their reach.

3.  Students will get their measuring devices only when their four-predictions are listed on the chart on the chalkboard.

4.  Students are required to complete a data chart.  The teacher will have this data included on the chalkboard for student reference.

5.  The object predicted, actual measurement of object predicted, measurement asked for, and the difference of the actual measurement of object predicted and the measurement asked for must be included in each groups data chart.


Can you find me something that is 27-inches?

 Object predicted
Actual measurement
Measurement asked for
Difference of two measurements
  2 tiles on floor
&nbs 41e p; 30 inches 
  27 inches 
  + 3 inches 


6.  Students need to put a (+) or (-) sign under their difference column.  Using the data on the board, the class as a whole can figure out which group made the most accurate object-predictions.

7.  This activity can be modified in many ways to suit your individual classroom needs.  If data collection is pertinent, have students devise their own charting system.  A great cooperative learning activity would be to have students devise their own method of determining who made the closest predictions.


1.  Ask students to complete data chart and turn it in to the teacher.
2.  In groups, have students discuss questions and concerns.
3.  As a whole group, share ideas and problems.