AskERIC Lesson Plans
Lesson Plan #: AELP-MEA0014

Measuring Up with Apples

An AskERIC Lesson Plan


Submitted by:  Kelley Sweeney
Endorsed by:  Don Descy
Mankato State University
March 2, 1998


 Students learn how to measure by using standard forms of measuring tools; including ruler, tape measure, yard stick, and meter stick.  I would then explain to the students that there are other ways of measuring things by using non-standard measuring tools.  Next, I would introduce our non-standard  measuring tool for this lesson.  The "Apple". Then I would demonstrate how to measure different objects found around the classroom.  Finally, I would review with the students what is means to estimate, because before we measure the object we will estimate it's length.

Grade Level:  Grade 2


The students will be able to use a non-standard measuring tool  to estimate and measure certain objects.


Given eight different classroom objects, students will estimate and measure each object.
The students will explain what a non-standard measuring tool is and why they are useful.

 Background Information:

This activity can be used with all types of learners.  It helps teach the students that there are other ways to measure objects other than standard measuring tools.  This can be helpful when you can not find a standard measuring tool and need to measure something.  You might want to walk around the room to check for students understanding.


The students will be able to :

 1.  Estimate before measuring to find approximate length.
 2.  Identify reasons for measuring objects with non-standard measuring tools.


25 Apples
Apple Worksheet


1.  Introduce the apple to the class as a tool for measuring.

2.  Pass out apple worksheet with items listed for measuring and estimating.

3.  Go over the eight items listed on the worksheet.

4.  Estimate and measure one item on the worksheet.

5.  Allow for independent practice to do the worksheet.

6.  Have students choose three additional objects to measure.

7.  Walk around the room checking for students understanding


  1.  Ask the students what a non-standard measuring tool is.
  2.  Ask what is means to estimate.
  3.  Ask the class for examples of what they learned