f65 The Metric System - An AskERIC Lesson Plan
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Lesson Plan #: AELP-MEA0007

The Metric System

An AskERIC Lesson Plan

AUTHOR:NIE Curriculum Guide - The Montana Standard - Butte, MT.


OBJECTIVE: To practice standard and metric measurement via the newspaper

MATERIALS NEEDED: Newspapers, measuring utensils, recipe ingredients


Talk about the gradual, and relatively incomplete, shift to the metric system in this country. Ask students to think about reasons why many people have resisted the change. Also talk about benefits of changing over. Wh 334 ere have students seen examples of metric measurements? (Cars, packaging, bottles.) What about the newspaper? Is it metric-conscious? (Probably not!)


Using newspaper food sections, have students convert recipes in standard measurements to their metric equivalents. Students may use metric conversion tables or they can prepare the recipes using both standard and metric utensils. Students should first measure with standard utensils and then transfer that amount to the metric utensil you provide, to find out the equivalent measure. (This very visual example will drive the point home better than any conversion table!)


Ask students if they feel we should join other countries in using the metric system. Have them explain their views in writing. 0