f65 Intregrating Math into a Spring Thematic Unit - An AskERIC Lesson Plan
AskERIC Lesson Plans
Lesson Plan #: AELP-MEA0004

Integrating Math into a Spring Thematic Unit

An AskERIC Lesson Plan

Submitted by: Mary Pat Grafwallner - St. Francis, WI

Endorsed by:

Paul Soik
Aurora University
Feb. 1, 1997

Description of lesson:

Students will actively explore mathematical concepts through problem solving while in cooperative learning groups. Analysis, data collection, and investigative questions are all part of the scientific process of this lesson. Paired workers will co ffb mplete "Jelly Belly Activity Packet."

Grade levels: Multigrade levels 2nd-4th (excellent for ED and LD poulation)

Background Information for teacher: Students should have some experience with comparing numbers, analyzing a bar graph, measuring objects, and reading a scale.

Concepts Covered in the Lesson: number relationships, reasoning, estimation, measuremennt, computation, and creating patterns


  1. Jelly Bellies:
    1. flavors: island punch, popcorn, tangerine, watermelon, very cherry, and bubble gum (each group must have at least 2 of each flavor)
  2. Divide Jelly Bellies into bags, each group gets their own bag
  3. 1 metric ruler per group
  4. 1 pencil per group
  5. crayons
  6. 1 Jelly Belly activity packet
  7. Scale that weighs in grams

"Jelly Belly Packet:"

Names of Group Members:


Directions: You are to work cooperatively in a group. Each member of the group should remember to use an inside voice, ask, help, and encourage. You will get two grades on this assignment.

Academic grade:

Behavior grade:

Remember to do quality work. Wash your hands before starting!

  1. How much do you think your bag of jelly Bellies weighs?

  2. Take your bag to the weighing station and weigh it. What is the exact weight?

    1. How close were you?

  3. Keep your bag closed and guess how many Jelly Bellies are in your bag?

  4. Open your bag and count your Jelly Bellies.

    1. How close were you?

  5. Write a number sentence to show how you solved problem 4.

  6. Use your metric ruler and measure how long a Jelly Belly is.

  7. Put your Jelly Bellies into sets by color. (L=island punch, WY=popcorn, O=tangerine, G=watermelon, R=very cherry, and P=bubble gum)

  8. Write the number of Jelly Bellies you have for each set.

    1. set L =

      set O =

      set R =

      set WY =

      set G =

      set P =

  9. Which set has the least amount?

  10. Which set has the most?

  11. Use "< , >", or = to show the relationships between these sets.
        L    O            O     WY           P      R
        R    G            L     WY           L      R
        O    P            O     G            G      L

  12. Solve:
        L+R=              O+G=               WY+L=
        P+O=              WY+R=              G+P=
        G=R=              WY+G=              O=L=
        L+G+WY=           G+O+R+P=           R=(LXG)+P=

  13. Using all your Jelly Bellies:

    1. How many groups of 2 can you make?

      How many are left over?

      How many groups of 4 can you make?

      How many are left over?

    2. If your group could invent another Jelly Belly flavor, what would it be?

      We'd invent a ________________(color) Jelly Belly that would taste

      like __________________(flavor).

    3. Create a pattern using your Jelly Bellies. (Show your teacher)

    4. How many Jelly Bellies do you think you could buy with a quarter?

    5. Every member of the group, try 1 each of the 6 different flavors. Which did you like best. Record your data. Now go collect each of the other groups' responses. With the information you now have, create a bar graph. Use crayons to color in your graph.


Divide the remaining Jelly Bellies equally among group members. Any extras put in a cup on the teacher's desk.

Assessment: Grade packet. Include Student Group Assessment

Student Group Assessment:

Did you like the activity?

How do you think your group did 1a6 ?

What 2 questions were the hardest?

Think of another question I could have asked?

What grades do you think your group deserves?

Academic grade:

Behavior grade:

Other resource: Call 1-800-JB BEANS and ask, What are the top three selling Jelly Bellies? How many pounds o Jelly Bellies are sold yearly in the USA? What is the best selling month of Jelly Bellies?