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Lesson Plan #: AELP-MEA0003

Flying Objects

An AskERIC Lesson Plan

AUTHOR: Daniel L. Ormond; Mary S. Black Elementary, NV

GRADE LEVEL/SUBJECT: 3rd on up Science


The students need a general background in measuring using metric systems and have an awareness of types of flight formations of boomerangs.


This activity is a culminating activity that provides an application to measurement and to flying objects.


The students will measure, draw, and cut out a flying wheel out of a six inch card.


Compass, light weight cardboard, scissors, metric rulers, protractor, and 669 a book.


1- First of all the students need to have a six inch square of light weight cardboard.

2- Using a compass at 7 cm. the student will draw a circle. They must keep the compass at 7 cm.. and mark off six equal arcs.

3- Using a protractor mark off the 120 degree mark, and draw a line. You should have a shape that is a cross that resembles the peace sign. Then use a metric ruler and measure 1 cm. on each side of the line. Now the student will have a line that has 2 cm. thick.

4- The students will then need to cut out the design. It is their paper boomerang.

5- Place this on a book with an edge hanging over and flip it with your finger and it will fly. It actually flies and will return.


1- Now have the students measure how far their boomerangs fly.

2- Try flying them inside vs. outside. This can be charted and the results compared.

3- Have the students write about if they were a boomerang, how would it feel?

May 1994

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