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Christmas Printouts

Christmas Printouts, Christmas Worksheets, Christmas Wordsearch

Winter Wordsearch
Wordsearch with winter words.

Winter Words ABC Order
Put winter words in abc order.

Winter Word List
List of winter words for writing stories.

december word list worksheet

December Word List
List of December words for writing stories.

Christmas Word List
List of Christmas words for writing stories.

Santa's Reindeer Wordsearch and ABC Order
Search for Santa's reindeer in a wordsearch and place them in abc order.

Chritmas Bingo
Search for Santa's reindeer in a wordsearch and place them in abc order.

Black and White Version

Calling Cards

Santa's Helper Telling Time
Write the digital time to the quarter hour.

Dear Santa Letter
Write a letter to Santa to convince him you should be on the nice list.

Favorite Christmas Song Graph With Questions
Use the completed graph to answer questions.

Favorite Christmas Song Survey and Graph
Take a survey and make a graph.

Christmas Calendar Gift
Calendar pages for students to color and cut out.  Staple them to a piece of cardstock with the student's picture to give as a gift.  Cardstock template.

Christmas Booklet
Christmas activities. 5 pages.

Christmas Patterns
Students color the pictures to make certain patterns.

Christmas Writing Paper
Simple writing paper with a Christmas picture.

Christmas Ornaments
Students identify nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

Christmas Word Problems
Math word problems with a Christmas theme.

Order of Operations
Students solve problems and find matching answer.

Ornament Addition
Students solve and find the matching sum.

Ornament Subtraction
Students solve and find the matching difference.