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Children's Songs A to G

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The songs are in ABC order (or close) and divided up into different pages for easier browsing.  We have a .pdf file for each song so you may print out a clean copy to pass out to your students.  We have also added links to youtube videos for most of the songs.  New songs are added monthly. Enjoy!

A Frog Went a Courtin

A Hunting We Will Go

A Ring a Roses

A Peanut Sat

Alice the Camel

All God's Critters

All the Pretty Little Horses


Alphabet Song

All I Want for Christmas

Amazing Grace

Angels Watching Over Me

Animal Fair

Ants go Marching

Apples and Bananas

Apples and Oranges

A Tisket, A Tasket

Baa Baa Black Sheep


Babes in the Woods Version 1

Babes in the Woods Version 2

Baby Beluga

Baby Bumble Bee

Baby Bumble Bee 2

Baby Bumble Bee 3

Be Kind to Your Web-Footed Friends

The Bear

Bear Went Over the Mountain

Bed in Summer

Beehive and Anthill

Betty Botter

Bicycle Built for Two

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Bile Dat Cabbage Down

Billy Blunder

Billy Boy


Blacksmith's Apprentice

Blow the Man Down

Blue Tail Fly

Boom, Boom, Ain't it Great to be Crazy

Brahm's Lullaby

Buffalo Gals

Bunny Hop

Bushel and a Peck


Casper the Friendly Ghost

Catalina Madalina

Chocolate Ice Cream

Chicken Chicken

Cincinnati Dancing Pig

Circus Song


Come Little Leaves

Cover Your Mouth

Crawdad Song

Dance Thumbkin Dance

Do Re Mi

Do Your Ears Hang Low

Don't Disturb the Ladybug

Down by the Bay

Down by the Station

Down in the Valley


Dry Bones

Elephant Goes

Eensy, Weensy Spider

Farmer Brown

Farmer in the Dell

False Alarm

Fifty Nifty United States

First Grade, First Grade

Five Little Ducks

Five Little Fishies

Five Little Froggies

Five Little Mice

Five Little Monkeys

Five Little Pumpkins

Frere Jacques

Friends are Special

Frog Went a Courtin

Froggie in the Bathtub

Go Bananas

Go to Sleep My Little Buckaroo

Going on a Lion Hunt

Grandfather's Clock

Great Pumpkin

Green Grass Grows All Around